The Most Powerful Multi-camera Solution Ever

● The VC880 multi-camera solution enables up to 9 cameras to work at the same time. You can control each camera separately, put all cameras in one picture, or set certain picture to larger/full screen.

● The deployment is simple by connecting VC880 and VCC22 cameras to PoE switch only with Ethernet cables, no need for extra power supplies for VCC22, or extra video matrix.

Support Third-party Cameras and Video Matrix

● The VC880 video conference system is equipped with a HDMI-input interface (Camera port), supporting third-party cameras or accessing to video matrix. The screen can be spliced and the layout is switched with the multi-camera screen of the VCC22.

● VC880 also supports sound console system with RCA audio in/out.

Spilt-type Structure, Just 1 CAT5 network cable to deploy

Yealink VC880 is with a spilt-type structure to meet the deploy requirement of the control room which separates from a large conference room. To minimize cable clutter and lower the cost, we combine three cables (power cord, video cable and control line) into one cable, giving you a clean and tidy work environment.



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